Last reviewed on 6 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our template and guidance to help you make sure your report covers the right level of detail for your trustees.

Thanks to Michael Pain, CEO of Forum Strategy and 4 of our associate education experts – TIffany Beck, Gulshan Kayembe, Brendan Hollyer and Harry James – for their help with this template and article.

Download and adapt our template

This report is based around the DfE's 5 pillars of trust quality.

Use the high-quality trusts descriptions to structure your report

The DfE has published guidance on how it will assess the quality of trusts.

Although these descriptions won't be used to make judgements about trusts, they do define what the DfE wants you to deliver.

As a trust, you can use these descriptors as a benchmark to measure yourself against. 

You don't need to report on every theme

Be selective about which themes you report on. Focus on areas where you're doing well and areas that need improvement.

It will be easier to write your