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  • COVID-19 resources Get the support you need to implement safety measures, manage the easing of restrictions and make best use of government funding so you can keep your school moving forward through the pandemic.
  • Emergency school closures: guidance Is there guidance on closing a school in emergencies? We link to advice from the DfE on when schools may close. We also link to Ofsted guidance on inspections that fall on a day where the school has closed due to an emergency, and examples of closure procedures from LAs.
  • Fire drills: guidance Find out how to maintain fire safety and run fire drills during coronavirus and beyond. See examples of fire drill and evacuation policies from schools.
  • Fire safety: emergency evacuation procedures Learn about your school's requirements for fire evacuation and see example fire emergency planning policies.
  • Forms for recording and reporting violent incidents Are there examples of violence report forms? In this article you will find forms for reporting violent and aggressive incidents, including examples from the HSE and two schools. We also link to another article from The Key which sets out the requirements for reporting incidents.
  • Personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs): templates See templates for personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) for individuals with disabilities, including examples from schools, fire and rescue services and the government. Get tips too on how to write a PEEP.