Last reviewed on 1 June 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 43235

Find out your requirements for using the school-led tutoring grant (part of the National Tutoring Programme). Learn which pupils and subjects to prioritise for catch-up, how to maximise its impact, and who you can deploy as tutors.

This article summarises the DfE’s guidance on the school-led tutoring grant. Read it alongside the conditions of grant guidance.

It’s a grant to support catch-up tutoring 

School-led tutoring is a ring-fenced grant to fund locally-sourced tutoring provision. 

You could use it to deploy, as tutors: 

  • Existing staff such as teachers and TAs
  • External resources such as private tutors or returning teachers 

You’re expected to prioritise disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils for the tutoring, but you have the flexibility to decide which pupils need the most support to help them catch up on lost learning. See more about how to prioritise pupils below. 

If you decide to use it, do so as soon as possible 

If you’ll be using internal staff, they’ll likely need to undertake free online training before delivering the tutoring - see the last section of this article