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  • Access arrangements for exams: an overview Get clear on what access arrangements are and how they work. Understand how you might be involved, so you can effectively support pupils during their exams and make sure you comply with JCQ requirements.
  • Autumn 2021 exam arrangements Find out which pupils can enter exams this autumn and who's responsible for entering them. See how to claim for exam fees, alternative venues and invigilators, so you're ahead of the game when the claims window opens later this term.
  • Summer 2022 exam arrangements While exams are due to go ahead this summer, there are some changes to normal procedure. Get to grips with the plans for summer 2022 and how assessment will look different.
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  • Assessment approaches: PE Read advice on assessing pupils in PE from the Association for Physical Education. See examples of PE assessment grids from primary and secondary schools.
  • How to moderate teacher assessments: secondary Find out how to effectively moderate teacher assessments. Develop robust processes to make sure your teachers are making accurate judgements of pupils' progress.
  • Progression grids: Key Stage 3 Find out what good progress looks like in your subject. See examples of KS3 progression grids from a range of schools to help you develop your own. You'll also find links to grids published by subject associations.
  • Quality assuring assessments: secondary Looking to evaluate the quality of your school’s assessments? Two of our associate education experts suggest what you should consider and ways to do this. You can also find a KeyDoc with questions to use when analysing the effectiveness of your school’s assessments with your subject leaders.
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