Last reviewed on 22 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 8461

Get to grips with where best to place the TAs in your school to reduce teachers' workload and maximise pupil outcomes.

In lessons: TAs should complement teachers, not replace them

Pupils should first receive high-quality teaching to address their needs and struggling pupils should have as much time with the teacher as other pupils.

Rotate roles – the teacher works with 1 group on a task and the TA works with another. The next day, they rotate roles so all pupils get equal access to the teacher  Get involved with whole-class delivery – for example, use TAs to write answers on the whiteboard, or demonstrate equipment. This will allow the teacher to maintain eye contact with the class  Provide 'teacher triage' – the TA identifies pupils who need further help with a task and flag this to the teacher  Prepare pupils for learning – the TA helps pupils prepare and get focused for the lesson Focus on additional objectives – the TA can guide pupils on