Last reviewed on 11 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44999

Boost teachers’ confidence in curriculum progression. Lead activities from our pack to develop their understanding of how Key Stage (KS) 1 learning impacts KS2.

4 reasons to give this a go

Developing teachers’ understanding of curriculum progression will help them:  

  • Understand how what they teach in their year group fits into the “bigger picture” of pupils’ learning throughout primary school
  • Connect new concepts to what pupils have already learned 
  • Know which concepts to prioritise so pupils have the foundations they need to progress through school
  • Give pupils precise and targeted support, as they’ll have a better grasp of the stage they’re at in their learning

Identify where staff feel less confident

Review your notes from work scrutinies and lesson observations. See if there’s a particular area of the curriculum that teachers feel less confident connecting across Key Stages. 

Are your Key Stage (KS) 2 teachers able to prompt pupils to draw on specific prior knowledge when explaining certain concepts?  For example, when teaching pupils about the 8 points of a compass during KS2 geography, do teachers know