• How to roll out one school's curriculum across your trust: case study (primary) Woodland Academy Trust's curriculum focuses on helping pupils understand their local area. The highly aligned curriculum enables teachers to share best practice and cut workload – and gets top marks from parents and children too.
    For Trust Leaders
  • Lesson planning templates (primary) Use our templates to set out your weekly English and maths lesson plans, and your mid-term plans for foundation subjects. Use our 10 top tips to set your lesson planning up for success.
  • Reading: staff skills and knowledge audit (primary) Share our self-assessment tool with teachers to evaluate their subject knowledge and teaching confidence. Use their reflections to help you fill in our audit tool, where you'll find resources to allow you to address any gaps.
  • Teaching mixed-age classes (primary) Find expert advice to help teachers cater to pupils of different ages. See how other schools teach mixed-age classes and how to communicate your approach to parents and carers.