Resources and guidance to support you in your role, whether you're new to subject or department leadership or more experienced.

Whether you're new to subject/department leadership, or you've got a bit of experience under your belt, use these hand-picked resources to help you manage your responsibilities.

Evaluate and improve your subject

Evaluate your subject or department

Visit the curriculum resource hub for resources to help you improve the curriculum for your subject/department, including subject-specific audit tools, case studies on innovative curriculum approaches from other schools, and more.

Use the curriculum tools alongside our subject/department evaluation templates and guidance – they'll help you identify strengths and weaknesses.


Plan for improvements

Once you've identified your strengths and weaknesses, develop your improvement plan and set it in motion. 

Use our guidance on developing a subject action plan to help you prioritise effectively, set SMART targets, and identify clear actions and success criteria.

Then, organise your monitoring schedule to help you track your initiatives throughout the year.



Use these resources to help you collect evidence and track progress towards the goals set out in your improvement plan.