Last reviewed on 11 July 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get to grips with the DfE’s guidance on commissioning high-quality trusts. Understand how the DfE measures the quality of trusts, and what it means for you.

This article is based on the DfE’s guidance on commissioning high-quality trusts.

What is this guidance for?

This guidance explains how the DfE:

  • Judges the quality of academy trusts
  • Uses that information to decide which schools to recommend to which trusts

It's part of the government’s plan for all schools to be part of high-quality multi-academy trusts (MATs). Although the aim for this to happen by 2030 has been scrapped, the government is moving schools in education investment areas with consecutive Ofsted ratings below ‘good’ into MATs.

5 new descriptions to measure trust quality

Pillar 1: High-quality and inclusive education The core of what the DfE expects and the starting point for considering a trust’s effectiveness Pillar 2: School improvement Demonstrates the capacity the trust has to offer Pillars 3, 4