Last reviewed on 5 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 40416

Find out how to record attendance during the pandemic, including which codes you should use and when. Submit the educational setting status form every Thursday.

Absence codes you need to use and what they mean

Code X: no longer advised

The DfE no longer advises schools to use code X to refer to a pupil not attending in circumstances relating to coronavirus.

Most of the scenarios that fit under the code X category no longer apply.

Code I: illness, including coronavirus

Instead of code X, if a pupil is not attending because they have symptoms or a positive test for coronavirus, you should record this using code I (illness).  

You can continue to use the sub-code I02 to record illness due to a suspected coronavirus case but you're not required to.

Use this category where a pupil is unable to attend in person due to exceptional circumstances. For example, due to staff absences or unavailability of transport due to coronavirus which affects access to education. You should provide remote education in these