new on 15 November 2022
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Find out who you have to inform about industrial action and school closures, and use our template letters to tell parents what your school's arrangements are. Also, get guidance on talking to striking and non-striking staff.

Give as much warning as possible

You will get advance notice of potential strike action happening in your school:

  • 7 days before a ballot on strike action is held, and
  • 7 days before a strike begins

Use this time to notify your school community and make plans. Take a look at our FAQs for industrial action for more support.

You should inform:

  • Governors
  • Parents
  • Your local authority (LA)
  • Your academy trust and/or diocesan representative (where appropriate)

You can also consult with these groups on what to do about strikes. This is set out in the DfE's advice on handling strike action in schools, although there's no formal definition of what 'consulting' has to look like. 

In academies: it's the central's trust decision whether to