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  • Pupil wellbeing
    • Fasting during Ramadan: supporting pupils Find out what you need to know and do to support pupils fasting during Ramadan, including during exams.
    • How to talk to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Share this guidance with your staff to give them confidence when talking to pupils of all ages about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Find out how to avoid racist and bullying incidents related to the events, and know how to support pupils with higher levels of anxiety.
    • Monitoring pupils' mental health and wellbeing: tools Get an overview of the tools you can use to monitor pupils' mental health and wellbeing, both at an individual and whole-school level.
    • Navigate the cost-of-living crisis this holiday season See ideas on how to support your pupils, families and staff at this time of year, and use our template letter to reassure parents that you're doing everything you can to keep the cost of celebrations down in school.
    • Personal education plans (PEPs) for looked after children All looked after children (LAC) should have a personal education plan (PEP). Find information about who is responsible for creating and managing PEPs, and what a plan should contain.
    • Pupils with SEND: supporting mental health Learn about whole-school strategies and personalised interventions to support the mental health of pupils with SEND. Find resources from charities and get guidance on writing your mental health policy.
    • Russia's invasion of Ukraine: parent information and support pack Share our pack with your parents to communicate about what you're doing in school and how they can support their children during this difficult time. It includes tips on how to talk about what's happening, and signposts resources for further assistance.
    • Supporting refugee pupils and their families Find advice and resources to help support refugee pupils from around the world. Read advice on how to prepare for them joining your school community, what wellbeing challenges you can expect, and ways to make your school a welcoming environment.
    • Supporting trans pupils: a toolkit Use this toolkit to create an environment where any trans pupil will feel safe and valued. Find an action plan for managing a pupil’s transition, questions to ask a pupil who tells you they are trans, and guidance on considerations including toilets, changing rooms and uniform.
    • Trans pupils: summary of legal rights Understand your legal responsibilities around supporting transgender pupils in your school and learn how to make informed decisions around the arrangements you put in place.
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    • Free school meals (FSM): who's eligible? Find out the eligibility criteria for free school meals (FSM), and learn about the transitional protections in place during the Universal Credit rollout period.
    • Natasha's Law and school food standards: requirements Get to grips with Natasha's Law and allergen labelling requirements, including what's good practice for cake sales. Plus, understand what the food standards are, when your school has to follow them and how you can check that you're compliant.
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