Last reviewed on 8 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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If your school has a designated religious character, you'll receive section 48 inspections on top of standard Ofsted inspections. Be clear on what these inspections are and how they work, so you can be confident in what to expect.

What is a section 48 inspection?

If your school is designated as having a religious character, it'll have its denominational education and collective worship inspected under section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

These are conducted in addition to Ofsted inspections.

This is explained in paragraphs 139 to 144 of Ofsted's School Inspection Handbook (2023).

Your governing board is responsible for organising inspections

Their job is to:

  • Appoint the inspecting body, and
  • Make sure inspections happen within the correct time frame for your school (see the sections below)

The inspectors will organise all the practical bits, like when exactly the visits will happen.

Choosing and appointing the inspecting body is down to the:

  • Foundation governors in a voluntary controlled school
  • Governing board in other maintained schools

Your governors need to do this in consultation with the relevant faith body – check the list.

This is explained