Last reviewed on 12 July 2022
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Download our interview questions and tasks list to help you find the best candidate for your finance roles. Get tips on what to look out for in good responses.

We put this article together with the help of our associate education experts Bernard Abrams, Caroline Collins, Kate Foale and Amy Gibbs, Nazli Hussein.

Download our interview questions and score sheet

Choose from a list of questions to ask candidates for financial roles. You can use this template to:

  • Get tips on what to look for in candidates' responses
  • Record and score their answers

Choose from our interview tasks

Use our tasks sheets to see how candidates would tackle different parts of a finance role.

Chose a task most suited to the role you are recruiting for, and adapt it to your school's context and needs.

The document contains information to help you set up the task, and instructions you can give to your candidates.