• How to end a fixed-term contract Read advice on ending fixed-term contracts, including how to make sure your reasons for ending the contract are fair, and what to do if you want to end a contract early.
  • Redundancy notice periods Understand the statutory requirements for redundancy notice periods, and see how arrangements differ for teachers and support staff.
  • Voluntary redundancy: a step-by-step guide Redundancies may be a necessary step to manage your staffing budget or structure. Understand the legal framework around offering and accepting voluntary redundancy, and see our step-by-step guide on how to carry out the process.
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  • Exit interviews: template and guidance Exit interviews can help you find out why staff are leaving and could improve staff retention in future. Use our template and see example policies from a school and local authorities.
  • Headteachers: exit tasks and handover checklists If you're leaving your role as a headteacher, use our checklists to help you tick off your exit tasks and ensure a smooth handover for your successor.
  • Notice periods for school staff Find out how much notice teachers, headteachers and support staff must give in maintained schools and academies.
  • Responding to staff resignations Find out what you're required to do when handling a resignation from a member of staff, and download our template letter to help you put your response in writing.
  • Staff members: exit checklists Download our checklists to be completed when a member of staff leaves your school. Find out what jobs need to be done by both the leaving staff member and by the school.
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