Last reviewed on 5 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 47111

Find out when SENCOs will be required to take the new NPQ and what it involves.

New qualification mandatory for SENCOs from September 2024

A new national professional qualification (NPQ) will:

  • Be a requirement for all SENCOs from September 2024
  • Replace the current Master’s level national award for SENCOs (NASENCo)

SENCOs must complete the NPQ within 3 years of appointment to the role, as was the case for the NASENCo. 

This is explained in DfE guidance

This requirement is part of the SEND and alternative provision (AP) improvement plan - read our summary for more information.

For more details about your duties around SENCOs, take a look at our article on SENCOs requirements and qualifications.

Existing NASENCo qualification still valid

SENCOs who have completed a NASENCo won’t be required to complete the new NPQ. 

This is set