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  • How to end a fixed-term contract Read advice on ending fixed-term contracts, including how to make sure your reasons for ending the contract are fair, and what to do if you want to end the contract early.
  • Redundancy notice periods Find out the statutory requirements for redundancy notice periods, and see how arrangements differ for teachers.
  • Redundancy selection criteria Find out how to decide on which criteria to use if you need to make roles redundant, and see examples of approaches from schools.
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  • Exit interviews: template and guidance Exit interviews help you find out why staff are leaving and potentially improve staff retention in future. Use our template and see example policies from schools to help you carry out an exit interview.
  • Handover tasks for headteachers who are leaving If you're a headteacher who's resigning or retiring, download our checklists of tasks to carry out before you leave and what to handover to the new headteacher.
  • Notice periods for school staff Find out how much notice teachers, headteachers and support staff must give in maintained schools and academies.
  • Responding to staff resignations Find out what you're required to do when handling a resignation from a member of staff, and download our template letter to help you put your response in writing.
  • School staff exit checklists Are there examples of checklists to be completed when staff leave? We link to examples of checklists from a school, a local authority and universities. The lists include points about giving back items like keys and school equipment and settling financial issues like expense claims.
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